Hi! I’m Shammah Garcia and we recently moved to Northern Maine to homestead off grid on 39 acres. We do everything from homeschooling, to farming, market gardening, beekeeping, permaculture orcharding and more.

Previously to our move almost 4 years ago my husband, and two smallest children were diagnosed with an untreatable condition called Thalassemia. After endless visits to the hematologist oncologist, exploratory surgeries for my husband and a blood transfusion scare for my 2 year old left us nearly bankrupt, I was scared and thought I would end up a widow at the age of 27 with 5 small children. I remember telling our pediatric dentist about their diagnosis and him confirming that his wife as well almost died during childbirth. Looking at my sweet baby girl, I vowed her fate would be different. None of the doctors talked about diet and I threw myself into studying about nutrition. July 2018, we sold our beautiful 2 story 4 bedroom 3 bathroom house on an acre lot and bought our ugly, dilapidated, 1970s, 980 sqft trailer on 6 wooded acres. We felt called to get out of debt and a mortgage. At the age of 30 we achieved just that. I then devoured every resource on healing the land, selectively cutting trees to clear our land, remineralizing the soil, and making our own compost. I began my small grassfed only dairy herd, grassfed only sheep, beef, and yes pork too. We had no money to buy the fancy stuff, and We rotated our animals daily. That first year we raised 60 percent of our food and began our netzero footprint farm. We used solar powered electrical fencing, we dug a well, started our 1/2 acre organic permaculture orchard and berry garden, and used pigs to till our 15,000 sqft market garden. At the end of last year we dump the trash service, and we have been 9 months trash free, composting 90 percent of what we bring into our home. I harvested cow urine, and saved the blood from when we butcher our pastured poultry to dilute and use to fertilize our orchard as well as compost. We also had an 80+csa group, as well as a fresh food pantry donating 10 percent of everything. The end of Dec. 2020 we felt the urgency of the Lord calling us to relocate our family up to Northern Maine onto a bigger piece of land to do it all over again. We hope you will join us on our journey as the Lord unfolds his plan one piece at a time, and we discover all that he has in store for us.

While we don’t know everything about homesteading, we do love sharing what we know. We welcome you to our online family, to share in our journey, and we would love to encourage you in yours while glorifying our heavenly father in all we do. Living simply so that others may simply live. add another page.

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