First week on the homestead

With mud season in full swing, I did not think that I would survive to tell the tale. I feel like we live on a moat half the time. No Joke! But this week has been such a productive week despite the mess and the less than stellar state of our farm. This week we were able to get our water system going. Sergio had found two food grade ibc totes not too long ago, and he recently bought a shallow well pump. With the well pump he was able to get some fittings to be able to pump our water from the top of the hill down to another tote near our house. The children and I were so excited to no longer have to climb the hill to carry water in 5 gallon buckets down to the house. We hope to get a well dug soon but all the roads are posted so we just have to make the best of the situation. I also did our first few loads of laundry this week using a smaller portable washer that we purchased off of amazon, and our portable battery station handled it like a dream. The washer uses 200 watts an hour. but our battery bank said actual usage was a lot less. I was able to do 3 loads of laundry in thirty minutes and I barely used 3 percent of stored power. That little washer washes so much better than my previous full sized washer. I was very impressed. I also have been doing a lot of wood fire cooking. I baked a no knead bread over coals, and I thought it came out pretty well. I have felt a connection like never before to my family in Haiti. For generations my family has cooked using wood fires, as well as my husbands family. And to be able to do the same and share that with my children brought tears to my eyes. This would of been an art lost to me, due to my parents immigrating to America years ago. And to hold onto that is a gift in itself. My husband shared so many stories with us about how happy his grandmother and my mother in law would be here if they had the chance. He said everywhere they went in the countryside they would carry a little sack for wood so that they could start a fire and cook. Although people see a lot of hard work in our life style, I still feel so abundantly blessed with so much. How could I even complain. Some friends had gasped at the idea of me cooking over wood fire and said I bet you cant wait to be done with this phase of building and have a kitchen. And actually it is quite the opposite. I am enjoying it and even if I weren’t, I wouldn’t dream of putting even more pressure on my husband to get done with the house. Every day that I cook for him cheerfully, shows my gratitude for all that he is doing for our family. And it allows him not to push himself so much. I enjoy the slowness of outdoor cooking, of planning my meals and the several hours it takes to cook our dinner and supper. How my children all look for wood to keep the fire stoked and fed while I cook. It takes all of us working together. And it brings a closeness to us all. We are embracing, and savoring all of it. And we still found time to start just under 300 garden seeds for when Sergio has a moment to set up the greenhouse. We planted Kale, Swiss Chard, Beets, Spinach, and Lettuce. And we are counting down the 30 days to harvest. Sergio also got the bathroom done too. What are some of the things that you like to do, that don’t necessarily make sense due to taking extra steps, or more time? What have you got planted in your garden to date?

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